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06 Feb / 2018Program by:
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50 Hours of Mime for 50th

Out of his passion for mime, and love for The Mother, Sri Aurobindo, and Auroville, Drupad decided to undertake 50hours mime marathon, and with it also join the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Auroville.
All will start on Wendesday 14th of February at 6pm, and end on Friday 16th at 8pm at Aurolec and Asisst World Records room. Mime acts will be video recorded, and broadcasted live via Drupad’s Youtbue channel.
At the same time he invites performing artist, especially musicians to join him to jam on the spot, and he will perform his mime act on the played jam. And he might, if there would be interest, offer a mime workshop.
Among other we were talking about Drupad’s beginnings of being a mime artist, and what exciting plans he still has in his sleeve when it comes to mime.

Silence is all, say the sages.
Silence watches the work of the ages;
In the book of Silence the cosmic Scribe has written his cosmic pages;
Silence is all, say the