Photographer:Romel | Jeron , Mr Leen Zevenbergen, Nagarsammi Photographer:Romel | Mr. Leen Zevenbergen in Auroville Photographer:Romel | Solarus Solar in Auroville Photographer:Romel | Solarus Solar in Auroville Photographer:Romel | Solarus Solar in Auroville
08 Jan / 2017Program by:
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70% output with Solarus Solar

Eureka! Mankind has crossed yet another milestone in sustainable energy and all credit due to Solarus Solar.
A company set out to revolutionize the world with their patented innovative technology, which not only gives comparatively four times the solar output but is the only unique product in the market which can heat your water at the same time as producing electricity. We met with the Mr Leen Zevenbergen, CEO of Solarus Solar, who is here in Auroville doing their first ever installation in India. This historic accomplishment was made possible by enormous efforts and good will from Auroville Consulting and Sunlit Unit from Auroville.
It is very impressive to hear from Leen the core values on which this technology and his company is operating from, it goes to strengthen the ideology of clean energy and clean values.
The company was given a prestigious award ‘Accenture Innovation Award’ and were granted membership to the social stock exchange of London.
More details and contact info is available from their website Also joining the conversation are Nagarsammi, their representative in India and Jeron, who is working with Auroville Consulting.



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