Photographer:Kimbo | Samdhong Rinpoche smiling Photographer:Kimbo | Inauguration of rare photos documenting His Holiness's asylum Photographer:Kimbo | Audience listening to Prof Samdhong Rinpoche's talk Photographer:Kimbo | One of the rare photos on display at the Tibetan Pavillion Photographer:Kimbo | Audience listening to Prof Samdhong Rinpoche's talk 2 Photographer:Kimbo | Audience listening to Prof Samdhong Rinpoche's talk 3 Photographer:Kimbo | Claude Arpi introducing Samdhong Rinpoche

A dream about the future Tibet

On Saturday 28th January, 4.30 pm at the Tibetan Pavillion, Auroville was graced with a visit by Prof Samdhong Rinpoche. Rinpoche was greeted by children and guests who had arrived for the inauguration of a rare photo gallery documenting the 1959 departure of His Holiness the Dalai Lama from Tibet and arrival into India. There was a sense of nostalgia and appreciation to be present at such an auspicious event that dated decades back, during which His Holiness’s asylum had been facilitated by the Government of India and, at their invitation.

A few of the audience remarked that was it really that long ago? Rinpoche’s recollection of that particular time was concise, followed by a sharing of his dream for the future of Tibet.
Rinpoche initially began by acknowledging his lack of education in the English language however, from where I was sitting – his capacity to mindfully share his thoughts made for a candid discussion covering China, Tibet, globablization and the most detrimental of crimes against humanilty – our loss of self. Rinpoche did not need to go into the depths of philosophy about such a critical subject matter to be understood. His courage to share his concerns about the system and the fact it has, is and still impacting our daily lives was impressive particularly referring to the disparity of wealth and health care across the globe.

According to the professor, India has the potential to facilitate the collective involvement of the world to transform our troubled planet. Through the combined use of non-violence, eco-friendly attitudes, a sustainable mindset and, a concerted effort to ensure humanity is the sole beneficiary – then these four criterion can facilitate a new earth. Please click here to download the transcription as a pdf.