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02 Dec / 2018Program by:
Featured: Brigitta VolzLanguage: English

A Visit to MatriGold with Birgitta Volz, a Fine Artist

On Thursday, 29 November, a small curious group gathered at MatriGold in Sanjana Community, Auroville to find out about the vibratory and healing qualities of gold and the very unique Gold-in-Glass technology used to build The Mother’s House.

Birgitta Volz explained about the impact pure gold has on the human body and proffered that the crowns worn by kings, queens and other priest types provided a vibratory connection to the divine. The Gold-in-Glass 24 karet gold jewelry is primarily an energetic enhancement for ones body. We truly relished the divine selection of handmade jewelry items and Birgitta’s keen vision in creating such beautiful pieces.

“Beauty is the manifestation of divine in matter.” ~ The Mother

Matrigold Video by Fred at Aashka:

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