Photographer:Andrea&Miriam | Bamboo sculpture - giraffe Photographer:Andrea&Miriam | Bamboo giraffe Photographer:Andrea&Miriam | Aruoville Market – Display of Bamboo products Photographer:Various | Jan Ruk Photographer:Various | Another flyer
18 Sep / 2010Program by:

A whole day of Babmoooooo

18th of September has been marked as World Bamboo Day to bring the awareness to the planet of benefits of this amazing fast growing, sustainable grass. In Auroville we joined the celebration for the first time, and it started in the morning by planting around 100 plants of bamboo, which was followed by the Market at Solar Kitchen with display of many very beautiful bamboo products. The day ended by cultural event in the evening at Visitor Centre where the recordings of next piece are from, divided in two parts – in first one interesting talks by Pashi and Rolf, and demonstration of the bamboo cycle, in the second part you can listen to the amazing musical fashion show, Bamboo band and Jivan with friends.