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Aarohan – ep.2 “Khayal”

A journey into the world of India Classical Music with Yogini

Episode 2

Pt. Bhimsem Joshi Raga Bhimpalas

Badakhayal in vilambit ektaal and chhota khayal in Drut Teentaal

Ustad Sultan Khan – Sarangi Raga Basant Mukhari

alaap followed by a medium tempo composition in Tala Rupak

Accomapnied on the Tabla by Usatd Zakir Hussain



  • Sunita Nagarajan

    So enchanting, divine Pt. Bhimsen Joshua’s Vhimpalasi followed by the soulful Sarangi of Ustad Sultan Khan it made the weekend seem so blissful.

    • Yogini

      Thanks for your kind feedback Sunita. We look forward to sharing the very best of Indian Classical Music with our listeners. Do tune in……