Photographer:Andrea | From left: Dhani, Amando and Matt Photographer:Andrea | From left: Dhani and Amando Photographer:Andrea | From left: Dhani, Suresh, Amando and Matt Photographer:Andrea | From left: Dhani, Suresh, Amando and Matt Photographer:Andrea | From left: Dhani, Suresh, Amando and Matt Photographer:Andrea | From left: Edo, Dhani, Amando, Suresh, Rolf, Shakti Photographer:Andrea | From left: Edo, Dhani, Suryan, Suresh, Amando, Matt, Shakti
22 Feb / 2015Program by:
Featured: SuryanLanguage: English

Amando & Dhani

At Visitors Center Saturday 21th of February Amando & Dhani from Albany (NY) presented a classic Rock-Jazz program.
Two hours of live music with Amando on bass and Dhani on guitar and vocals. 
The duo were accompanied by Matt on saxophone and Suresh on drums.
Guest musicians Rolf, Shakti, Edo & Suryan joined the band and created a warm atmosphere.
The audience appreciated the performance and at the end of the concert asked for an encore.
A nice gig to celebrate Mother’s birthday.



  • Muniz Expierence Fan

    Sounds Great! Is there a full video any where?

    • Amando & Dhani

      I don’t know of any video of the concert being available but I will check it out.

  • GooseMaster

    Great jams. Very nice tight sound. These guys are welcome at my private country club anytime! Would be a great addition to the poolside tiki bar.

  • Ben Evangelista

    Great performance considering travel-lag + flu and only one rehearsal. Good rock-jazz fusion sound. Since the web audio cut out after about 2.5 tunes, I could not get the full sampling. (Looking into downloading the complete performance.) Judging from the 2.5 tunes this group’s sound leans a little bit to the rock-side. But that might just be due to the selections heard.

    Ultimately, more power to you guys! When do we hear/see you at Carnegie Hall?

    • Amando & Dhani

      Not sure about Carnegie Hall but some people have suggested we get the band together and do the pub circuit in New York. Some have suggested Saratoga Springs. Great response so far.

  • Pete

    Smooth. Love it.

  • John M.

    The sound mix was excellent. All songs spot on, especially the ones by Traffic. The drummer is an excellent jazz drummer. You should come to the states this summer, you could easily make $$$$ in jazz clubs.

    • amando & dhani

      Thanks, John.
      The drummer (Suresh is his name) is fantastic!!
      I am sure he will be happy when he reads your comments and kudos!

  • Michelle Clements

    Great music! I love the sound – jazz/soft rock fused together. I recommend this music for the Holiday Party!!!

  • cassandra moore

    The music is fantastic. I love the rhythmic section. The vocal is a little hard to understand will have to download to get the full effects. The instructmental and rhythm are excellent!

  • Jordan

    Awesome job guys! Sounds great and I’m sure you made some ears very happy while on your trip. “Wake now, discover that you are the song that the morning brings”.

  • Anu Bheemineni

    Very nice concert. Enjoyed it. Thanks Armando

  • Wayne White

    Great show! Really tight arrangements, felt like the real Dead a few times.

  • Sheila

    I loved this concert! The music was smooth and easy to listen to.