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21 Feb / 2018Program by:
Featured: ElumalaiLanguage: English

An Early Days of Auroville, and "Come Together" or Sangamam Celebration

This morning we had an opportunity to host an old time aurovilian Eleumalai, an active member of Auro Sangamam Group, inviting us to the Sangamam Celebration on Sunday 4th of March from 9am to 6pm at football field in Aurodam, next to Visitors Centre.
Elumalai shortly explain what the word Sangmam Celebration means – Come Together, and in this spirit they are preparing the celebration , which would last whole day. connecting our bioregion through different activities, cultural programs, and of course, through food. Local Tamil culture is very rich in many aspects, from various art forms, to delicious cuisine.
Our conversation went further, reflecting on old days where human contacts were more pristine, and intimate, as Elumali says “we know from East to West who lives where, and what is his name”…
For the end he said “Mother has put the seed (for Auroville), and it will grow; that no one can stop.”