Photographer:Akshay | Rishabh Verma at AurovilleRadio after his interview Photographer:Akshay | Rishabh (Left) with one of his students, Pratyush (Right) after an SEA Talk
03 Oct / 2018Program by:
Featured: Rishabh VermaLanguage: English

An Interview with Rishabh Verma: Founder of Navgurukul

Rishabh Verma joined us in the studio to talk about his innovative educational system: Navgurukul. In this interview, he talks about the problems in today’s Indian education system, and how Navgurukul offers the underprivileged training in software engineering, which allows them to get jobs in the IT industry.

Navgurukul differentiates itself by not having any teachers and focusing more on a holistic education that focuses on input rather than output; the onus is on introspection. This education is provided for free to the students, who employ self-governance and peer mentorship to sustain the organisation.


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