Photographer:Pondicherry Arun | Nandhini riding her horse at the Jumping challenge Photographer:Pondicherry Arun | Gregory Lassus amusing performance at PEC 2016 Photographer:Lulu P P | Gregory Lassus amusing performance at PEC 2016 Photographer:Stephen Anurag P | Nandhini, a rider from Auroville taking the award Photographer:Stephen Anurag P | Anirudh, rider from ECE Banglore being interviewed by Lulu Photographer:Lulu P P | LamaShri, a resident of Auroville and native of Bihar sharing his experience with Stephen Photographer:Pondicherry Arun | Vikas makes a stunning jump with his horse
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Pondicherry Equestrian Challenge

The Pondicherry Equestrian Challenge (PEC) 2016 has been organized for two weeks at the RED EARTH RIDING SCHOOL, Auroville. Many riders from Bangalore, Chennai, Cuddalore, Tirupur, Pondicherry and Auroville have participated in the wonderful event.

The local residents and guests and visitors of Auroville enjoyed the Jumping Challenge at this PEC 2016. Events like these make youth energized says a visitor.

Parents should make sure of making their children involve in various sports and extra curricular activities which helps their growth in an inclusive manner rather than forcing them to stick to books alone. Books provide knowledge and wisdom and activities like these promotes holistic development.

Cash prizes were given to the winners in three categories. CAT A: 135 Cms, CAT B: 120 Cms and CAT C: 110 Cms.

The interesting thing about these competitions was that students of grade 8 have taken part. Therefore, there were various levels of competitions depending on the height of their strengths.

Programs like these should be encouraged by governments and the civil societies to develop a spirit for Equestrian culture, says Sri, a resident of Auroville.

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