Photographer:Andrea | Ravi Chaudhry before the 'Exceptional Leadership and Transformation' presentation. Photographer:Andrea | Toine Van Megen
25 Feb / 2011Program by:

New Economy?

One of the most interesting presentation at Mutation II A Clearing was Ravi Chaudry “Quest For Exceptional Leadership”, in which he gave some guidelines on what new economy should be based. With it we also see how excellence and leadership contribute to transformation and mutation. New economy it is complex, but not completed, and the future of the Earth depend on the change of consciousness. The enterprise of the future is the one that is getting inspirations from above but in such a manner, that the light from above penetrate all the levels of an enterprise… Business itself become and instrument of transformation. Prof. Ravi Chaudry just released a book “Quest For Excellence in Leadership”, which is written in a language appropriate for the audience that should hear it, without loosing any of the essence of it. He himself is a successful adviser and consultant to many corporations and governments on many levels.Click here to download the pdf of the presentation.

Prof. Ravi Chaudhry is a member of the Advisory Group to L’Avenir. He presents his new book, “Quest for Exceptional Leadership”, outlining an emerging new paradigm of corporate leadership.