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23 May / 2015Program by:
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Asbestos – What to Do with it?

Topic – health hazardous asbestos , and in the studio we have Margarita and Taranti, and Boris joining us from France via Skype.
The issue emerged after starting the fund raising campaigns for Abri corner roof where three of our services are located. Abestos, although a natural mineral used commonly in constructions but also in home appliances is known by its health hazardous properties, and in Europe banned since 80’s. In case of roof in Abri, the question was how to dispose the damaged roof made out of asbestos that it wont cause more damage to the health of the workers. In the recorded Skype conference you can here possible solutions suggested by Margarita and by Boris, and both requires a proper procedure and preparations in advance. There are know three types of asbestos regarding the soil or mine – white, blue and brown, and iron as a structural component plays a crucial role in asbestos toxicity. But asbestos can be remediated either by Fusarium oxysporum or Verticillium sp. whereby the fungi mediation can modify the surface reactivity of asbestos fibers.
The team which is on the case would like to bring Boris to Auroville to deal with that issue properly, and account number for his ticket is FS # 252339.


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  • Stéphane Lefebvre

    Concerning the asbestos and Borris’ need to be there to train a team and the need to raise money for his airfair, I am wondering if Margarita would be able to do what Borris would do if he cannot come to Auroville.


    AVI Canada


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