Photographer:team | Bulletproof Funk @ YC Photographer:Peiro Cefalloni | Rando Photographer:Peiro Cefalloni | Edo Photographer:Peiro Cefalloni | Nico Photographer:Peiro Cefalloni | Mahatma Photographer:team | Bulletproof funk with Marius on violin Photographer:team | entrance of Yout Centre @ Love a Fair

Love a Fair@YC – Bulletproof Funk

As the night was unfolding of another well attended, and joyful traditional, favored by the whole community at Youth Centre – this time it was pushed to the date, and given name Love a Fair, yet stunning intuition of youth has proven that they could not have planned the better date (approaching full moon with eclipse in Leo) nor the name for that point.
And if some were still seating after Tribute to Beatles, arrival of the Bulletproof Band tossed them up. Full energy, expectation of another dancable gig and just a word from Rando thrilled the gathered.
Still remembering Rando singing with Yam few years back on the very same stage Halleluyah, one can only admit that he came far, very far. Maturity of voice, amazing capacity and range allows him to render even James Brown’s I Feel Good…..
and to keep crowd on their feet Bulletproof Funk with mostly “home” based musicians as thrilling Edo on guitar, Nico on drum set, visiting guest Mahatma on bass, and of course, Rando on vocal, was giving audience solid portion of funk, and for the last piece Marius joined them with violin.


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  • Ayesha Musaliar

    Hi love this. Can we get in touch with Rando and his band?