Photographer:Steve | Auroville Choir conducted by Anandi Photographer:Steve | Composers, Pushkar, Holger, Matthew, Anandi. Photographer:Steve | Instrumental Ensemble Photographer:Steve | Sri Nath solos

Auroville Choir and Instrumental Ensemble

On the 3rd March 2018 The Auroville Choir and Instrumental Ensemble performed compositions by Anandi, Matthew, Pushkar and Holgar.
Anandi’s piece titled “The Walk Home” was an expression of life as a child growing up in Auroville and was performed by the choir. Then the next piece was composed by Matthew titled “A Passage Through Time” this was an amazing instrumental journey which reminded one of some of the early Lonnie Listen Smith renditions. After this the flow went into a very meditative composition performed by the Choir called “Silence et Paix”. The final piece had a western classical feel and was called “Divine Compassion”, the words are from Savitri by Sri Aurobindo and the composition is by Holger based on an improvisation by The Mother.
It was another beautiful night at Cripa with such an unusual mix of Jazz and Western classical in one show.