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08 Oct / 2015Program by:
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AVFF Panel discussion Mon 5th Oct

The Auroville Film Festival roundtable panel discussion of 5th Oct. – day 4

From AurovilleFilmFestival Facebook page:
Round Table Discussion on Human Unity
Sasikant and Suresh was joined by Kavitha and Marco (Artistic Director) and the roundtable started by discussing the film Girl Rising. Kavitha said that one reason she liked the film was because they used local village and city girls and paired them with local women journalist to capture their authentic voice and stories. The film depicts a number of women from the South/under developed countries and tells their stories. However the movie also supplies UN and other development data that highlights how we could quickly transform the South (and North-rich countries) by placing policy, money and infrastructure to assist women/girls. This path to development is faster and pragmatic, unlike the mythical ‘trickle down effect’ (putting most of the resources into the rich who will supposedly create weath for all via their investment – a Reagan and Thatcher – mythology that is still pursued today)
The panel and the audience also discussed The Sower…