Photographer:Giorgio | Santa Claus enjoing the performance in CRIPA. Photographer:Giorgio | Shakti is the mind behind the event. On the right Eden. Photographer:Giorgio | A packed house. Photographer:Giorgio | On the left Jo and Lore. Photographer:Giorgio | Lore reading a poem. Photographer:Giorgio | Dance teacher Grace and her pupils. Photographer:Giorgio | Playing piano.
15 Dec / 2013Program by:
Featured: Auroville kidsLanguage: English

Awakening of Christmass Light

On the Sunday morning of December 15th, a very special performance by and for the children of Auroville was given at Cripa, Kalabhumi: Awakening of Christmas Light. The very wrong spirit and his consort Evilina played a terrible trick on all the kids, freezing the Great North and locking away all the presents that were meant for the children. To melt the ice there was but one way: perform to the best. And this is exactly what the children did. The audience was charmed by all the talent. Pianists, singers, poets, dancers, acrobats…

All these troubadours brought back to us all memories of Christmas, and of course managed to release the gifts in the end. Warm thanks to Shakti and her team for this beautiful initiative.