Photographer:Andrea | Mr. N. Bala Baskar. He has already served as I.A.S from 1996 to 2001 Photographer:Andrea | From left: Mr. P.R. Srinivasamurthy, FAO and Mr. N. Bala Baskar, IAS Auroville Foundation.
08 Mar / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Bala Baskar new Secretary

Bala Baskar, a new secretary of Auroville Fundation is back in the town, and in today’s news we feature phone interview with Srinivasmurty (financial administrative officer). Full moon, International Women’s Day and a Holi, and also a Holi Tango are the key themes of the day. Women will gather at Connecting Girls at Pavilion of Tibetan Pavilion in International Zone, and Stella interviewed Jorge about Holi Tango, and we feature short excerpt in today’s news; the full interview on tango will be published on our site. – – After I knew that God was a woman, I learned something from far-off about love; but it was only when I became a woman and served my Master and Paramour that I knew love utterly. – Sri Aurobindo Women are not more bound to the vital and material consciousness than men are.’ On the contrary, as they have not, in general, the arrogant mental pretensions of men, it is easier for them to discover their psychic being and to allow it to them. In general, they are not conscious in a mental way which can be expressed in words, but they are conscious in their feelings and the best of them are so even in their actions. – Words of The Mother Vol 14