Photographer:Vida | Elena and Uma presenting the show Photographer:Vida | Barefoot on Earth Photographer:Vida | 26 non professional models Photographer:Vida | different ages, all walks of life in AV Photographer:Vida | musicians supported the show, and kept the atmosphere Photographer:Vida | final stroll on the (Photographer: Vida)" rel="" />

Barefoot on Earth

Whenever something is going on at Uapsana ground, the atmosphere with many lit candles becomes almost magical.
Last night show was no exception. Beautiful designs of Uma and Upasana Design Team, organized, and styled by educational platform Conscious Fashion Hub, directed by design professor Elena from Ljubljana, Slovenia.
25 ladies , and 1 man walked barefoot around the meticulously raked in zen style courtyard. Multilayered dresses, seemed coming from way back in time, transformed people of all walks of life and various ages into ladies, queens….
Whole show was supported by live music on instrument of Svaram, played by many volunteers from all corners of the planet.

With that show Uapsana and Conscious Fashion Hub are exploring a new language which will be community centric, where design becomes part of life very intimately, something to celebrate together.
Fashion itself is very organized industry, very technology and money oriented, and the second biggest pollutant on the planet.