Photographer:Andrea | The Auroville Cyclone Relief & Rehabilitation Team Photographer:hans beuken | Bhaga in her destroyed backyard Photographer:hans beuken | Destroyed beach hut Photographer:Montse | Electrical poles felt down all over Auroville Photographer:Giorgio | Re-making the road from Matrimandir to the Visitor Centre Photographer:Gilles | Water Bar
05 Jan / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Beach side one week after cyclone

The beach side was heavily damaged during the cyclone. One week after, reconstruction work is going on. In the town Periyamudaliarchavadi, people were helping government working men clearing away fallen trees to restore electricity lines. Near Repos beach lives Bhaga, already for 20 years now. She gives an account of what happened. During our interview, reconstruction workers entered her back garden with heavy machinery. This ended our talk prematurely, as Bhaga had to go outside to prevent the machine doing too much destruction.