Photographer:Andrea | Anand Kumar. ‘One in All and All in One': a perspective from Biology.
25 Feb / 2011Program by:

Biology View

Anand Kumar talk on Mutation II A Clearing was touching biology point of mutation. As a biologist performing his work in genetic, infertility, cancer and hormonal investigation he started to ask himself, after reading Sri Aurobindo work twenty years back, what is the meaning of all life. Sri Aurobindo wrote that tradition of changes is the oldest tradition, but Kumar noted that tradition of mutation is actually the oldest. As he sees tradition of mutation created us, and it will take us back to origin. He reminded us that DNA are the basic units, made out of 4 the same molecules for all beings, from which either virus or a man can be created.

Dr. Anand Kumar – He is the Chairman of a multidisciplinary department of Reproductive Biology at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi – with a vast experience in research. He is a student of Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy, and philosophy of medicine and human evolution. He is a poet and a novelist.