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03 Jan / 2018Program by:
Featured: VeraLanguage: English

Brotherhood – Bratstvo Pavilion Sharing

We were invited on 2nd of January to Unity Pavilion in the spirit of Brotherhood to A General Information Meeting to collaborate in International Zone. Initiative sprouted in February 2017 while talking on development of the Eastern Europe – Russia – Caucasus – Middle Asia Area. Vera and Sergey(anĀ  architect of temporary pavilion) gave a common outline of the aims of the pavilion, along with report on site permission for the temporary material manifestation.
Quite naturally presentation turned into a sharing, where participants created a circle. Lots of thoughts, ideas were brought forward, all in the spirit of collaboration, and all inclusiveness.
“Bratsrtvo Pavilion is a voluntary union of the representatives of different countries from Eastern Europe, Russia and Even Caucasus, Middle Asia countries.
It is a study of how human unity, harmony and peaceful coexistence can be achieved between neighboring countries which had close and sometimes not easy relationship in the past.
The activities will be research oriented, educational and cultural in terms of defining what Nation Consicousness and the Nation Soul can be.
Bratstvo Pavilion is a place of collaboration and coordination not only within Eastern Europe, Russia, Caucasus, Middle Asia but also of other nations of this world.”

At the same time the audience was invited to celebrate the Ukrainian Chirstmas on 6th of January form 6pm onward at Unity Pavilion.