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16 Feb / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Building the Future

All activities happening in Auroville have the aim to construct the city we all want. Planning, Development, Education, Sustainability, Arts. The news today give a glimpse of all this aspects of our community. Starting with a interesting interview with Renu, from L’Avenir Communication Plataform, that shares with us their actual challenges and efforts to make the growth of Auroville a matter that brings all us together. In this same line we have the announcement of two workshops: Sustainable Building and Modern Architecture. On arts: Indian Concert and Adishakti Festival ( From our schools: Nandanam invites we all for their joyfull open house!

Nature of the world knows not God only because it knows not itself; when it knows itself, it shall know unalloyed delight of being.Sri Aurobindo