Photographer:Yoffi, Miriam | Fire Juggling by Banina Photographer:Yoffi, Miriam | Nicola and Nicoletes Photographer:Yoffi, Miriam | Mohanam Sound Crew Photographer:Yoffi, Miriam | Nick, Ana and Joel Photographer:Yoffi, Miriam | Irene, , Hein, Sandra, Krupa, Miki Photographer:Yoffi, Miriam | Ema and Ariel Photographer:Yoffi, Miriam | Surya sketches
18 Mar / 2011Program by:

Cabaret Full Moon

For the third time in this year we had a chance to admire many Auroville performing artists at Kalabhumi in the Open Stage Cabaret. Some acts were new, some old, some funny, some touched serious issues of life, some were about dance, some were theater…but all were held together by the ever engaging spirit of Jesse, the Master of Ceremonies who brought our laughter almost to the tears. As with everything else in Auroville, the Open stage Cabaret, organized and prepared by the Auroville Performing Artist group, is evolving and progressing. Each Cabaret is in better shape, and you can always feel it is done with a lot of enthusiasm and heart.


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