Photographer:Andi | Rabia speaks with Anandi and Jaya, the event organizer after meditation. Photographer:Andi | Rabia and Anandi share their experience with breath. Photographer:Andi | Jenna Grayson speaks with Auroville guest, Petra
20 Sep / 2012Program by:
Featured: Rabia HayekLanguage: English

Celebrate Oneness Through Breath

Have you ever noticed the one, undeniable action, that involuntarily, all humans share? Yes, our breath. Rabia Hayek of Do As One, breathed with Auroville on his world tour. This recording is a two-part presentation, the first half an informative talk about the concept of breath and how it was serve as a bridge between humans, and the second half an experiential workshop guided breathing session in which we reached toward our oneness through breath. More information can be found on the project’s website at

Along with the International One Day Coordinator Jenna Grayson, Hayek came to Unity Pavilion Wednesday the 19th of September to share his vision of connecting to “the feeling tones of Unity and Love” in creation of an international “holiday” in which humans from all continents celebrate our common humanity through breath.