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Mobility in Auroville

'Getting Around ... Mobility in Auroville'

Joy of Learning session

A seminar organized by the Joy of Learning group with presentations of projects, research, ideas, questions and answers, suggestions and thoughts of Aurovilians about the development of more effective and eco ways of getting around Auroville as well as public transport implementation and future planning of mobility systems for expanding Auroville.

GM on Mangalam Radial- Pony farm

The General Meeting on the topic of the planned Pony Farm road was attended by well over 170 people.
The atmosphere was convivial and mature despite the opposing point of views. The diversity of people present, proved that many care deeply for the development of Auroville despite the differences in priorities, there was also a will for a collaborative way to be found. The RAS made an exemplary job by providing extensive information on the topic in the form of; Maps, images, background information and objections prior to the meeting. The RAS focus was to find tools and processes for joint ventures between residents and working group, however the various presentations and Q and A sessions took most of the time.

This recording has been re-edited and kept in its full length.


Comments: 0 Date: 08 Apr 2015

Accessible Auroville Presentation

On Sunday 21st of December at Unity Pavilion, Accessible Auroville made a presentation of the booklet titled 'Just...Follow me.' 
Susmita presented the book and the aim of the Accessible Auroville team. The publication is a journey to accessibility via cartoons and comics with illustration done by Lele.
To make the event more joyful Carla, Marlenka and Swaha sung Italian, English and French songs.
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