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Accessibility Awareness and Integration into Planning and Building for All

On Monday the 5th of November 2018, Susmita, Sauro and Raju from Accessible Auroville came into the recording studio to discuss their common goals to make accessibility for all a mainstream practice. We discussed the project’s origins with inspiration from Samarthyam, a national center for accessible environments, and the ‘The Accessibility Code for Auroville’ they drew up and published in March 2010 after collaboration with LÂ’Avenir.

The mixed success of the project’s goals to raise awareness and bring about the necessary changes in the layout, construction and facilitation of our built environments continues to be challenged by dismal collaboration with planners and builders and a lack of funding. Susmita is not disheartened, rather she has several creative plans and proposals in the works assisted by the good work of Sauro, who has been her project partner since the beginning. Susmita and Sauro give a special thanks to their original donor from Italy, Luisa Gullino, who made it possible for Raju to get involved with the Accessible Auroville bus service.

Raju implemented the electric lift in the bus providing wheelchair access and his plans to expand accessible bus service includes a proposal for one possibly two electric vans with wheelchair ramps to shuttle within the center of Auroville. He thanked the riders of the existing bus to Pondicherry for their ongoing support and extra contributions. Also, he mentioned that AVI-Canada donated the funds necessary to pay the yearly Accessible Auroville bus maintenance for 2018.

Susmita shares her personal stories, Sauro knows the facts and Raju tightens the nuts and bolts in this Accessible Auroville interview.

Donations are kindly appreciated to realize new electric shuttle vans with accessibility ramps
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