Photographer:Herman | Professor Werner Sasse
10 Jan / 2013Program by:
Language: English

Collective Intelligence Day

In today’s news we feature interview with Werner Sasse wo will give a lecture today at Unity Pavilion in International Zone on Korean culture. The lecture will be followed by performance (Dance and Authentic Korean Martial Art-Dance,Taekkyon) and workshop on caligraphy, and the event is organized by residents of Korean and Korean Pavilion. On Saturday at the Unity Pavilion in International Zone from 9am to 4pm THE UNITY PAVILION, CIRHU and THEIR GUEST … JEAN FRANCOIS NOUBEL…invites us to a “collective intelligence day”.

In the deep there is a greater deep, in the heights a greater height. Sooner shall man arrive at the borders of infinity than at the fullness of his own being. For that being is infinity, is God.Sri Aurobindo