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17 Mar / 2018Program by:
Featured: ElenaLanguage: English

Conscious Fashion Festival at Upasana

Four years ago Upasana started with Upasana Conscious Fashion hub, and today, and tomorrow we will have a chance to see the 10edition of it.
With Elena, a designer from Ljubljana, Slovenija, and Parneka, a designer from New Delhi we talked about the conscious Fashion Festival.
Since today’s textile and fashion industry is based on exploitation, also producing large amount of waste, with Conscious Fashion they try introduce more fair based practices.
Today from 4pm onward there will be on display different designs made with Conscious Fashion hub at Upasana with possibility for audience to interact with designers, followed by show at 7.30pm РBarefoot on Earth. Fashion seen on the show will available to purchase next day, Sunday 18th. On Sunday show  at 4pm there will be on display 5 shirts within Shirting by Upasana, launch celebrating beauty beyond vanity, where those shirt could be taken by individuals to wear fro few weeks, and then passed on to another person to wear.