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01 Feb / 2018Program by:
Featured: FrancescaLanguage: English

Creative Writing Playground

How one starts to write, how the process of creativity is formed? What is creative writing?… those, and more questions we asked Francesca from Auroville’s Creative Writers Guild. Francesca passionate about theater, acting, and writing is offering to the community, and guests alike a Creative Writing Playground as a fun, playful, and safe space where one can start a process of creative writing. They meet ever Monday afternoon. where Francesca, who is knowledgeable about creative writing, offers to the gathered certain tools, which makes the process easier, and more fun.
And it is not about creating the masterpieces but to know about oneself more, and to start creating from the space of love.
This Sunday 4th of February she is offering, as a accompanied event of Art for Land, fundraising campaign, at Unity Pavilion A Creative Writting Fest between 4 to 6.30pm.