Photographer:Dance for Peace | Flyer of the event Photographer:Dance for Peace | Priscila and Vera happy to organize the event
02 Apr / 2019Program by:

Dance for Peace: on the 4th of April, Priscila and Vera are calling for love

Dance for Peace is an international movement which had begun in 2015 in Israel in order to gather people around food, music and dance. This year, for the second edition of the festival, the Dance for Peace party will be happening at the same time in India, Israel and Italy.

In Auroville, Priscila and Vera are organizing the festival through a very special day with many partners and activities involved.

Please see below the schedule.
Matrimandir Peace Gathering – 16:30 – Meeting at Matrimandir gate for peace gathering
followed by Savitri Reading at 17:45

Solitude farm schedule:
17:00-17:45 – uncompetitive games – Sadhana forest
17:45-18:30 – MeDi Clown Academy – With Fif
18:30 – Opening Ceremony – An Open Heart – Space Meditation –
with Samrat
19:00-19:45 – Chakra Guided Dance – With Vera
19:45-20:15 – Activity space – Laughter Yoga – With Ancolie
20:15 – Margarita & Friends – Live performance
21:00 – Kollatam Thapattam Indorytham – Mohanam
21:30 – African Pavilion Drumming
22:30 – Dj P – World Dance
00:00 – AKA Dj Jesse – Funky Grooves on the dance Floor
1:30 – Live Peace Jamming with all other Dance For Peace Events
all over the world
2:00 onwards – Arnav & Dhani 2CB – collaborative Project