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26 Nov / 2018Program by:
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Dr. Aster Patel Receives Auro-Ratna Award

Yesterday at Hall of Harmony in Sri Aurobindo Ashrma in Pondicherry Dr. Aster Patel received Auro-Ratna Award. Auro-Ratna meaning Jem or Pearl or Jewel of Sri Aurobindo, and this time it was given out the 9th Auro-Ratna Award by Sri Aurobindo Center for Education. The award recognize the invaluable contribution of Aurobindonians since March 2010 in the field of literature, research, philosophy and education and felicitate the ‘true children’ of the Divine who, as defined by the Mother, are those few individuals who have consecrated all of themselves and all they have—soul, life, work and wealth.
The 9th award was given to Dr. Aster Patel in the presence of managing trustee Manoj Dasgupta and other prominent disciples, and honorable guests.