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Category Archives: Free Economy

Fundraising drive update

Roland discusses with Andrea and Renu the fundraising drive achievements so far over half the amount sought has been raised- Its a wonderful feeling to be supported by people globally as well as in Auroville - We have ten more days left to go to achieve our target - The funds raised in this drive will help us achieve the basic expenses to sustain the radio for the year as well as to work towards our future project of creating an Art and Science of Communication school. www.aurovilleradio/donate Thanks to Auroville youth and musician Vania for the radio jingle.

Comments: 0 Date: 19 Sep 2014

Economics for People and Earth

Today's book launch at the Town Hall Conference Room attracted a large audience, indicating that the topic of the Auroville economy is of great interest to the community. The authors of "Economics for People and Earth", Henk and Manuel Thomas, were introduced by Harini and Guy, and described the book as giving a detailed account of the Auroville economy during 1968 to 2008. Having taken 15 years to produce, plenty of facts and figures support the text. The book was presented by its authors as a labour of love and a gift to Auroville in support of its progress.

Over the last 15 years, intense work has gone into studying the first four decades of Auroville's economy. The result is a comprehensive book of 360 pages entitled "Economics for People and Earth - The Auroville case 1968-2008". Written by Henk Thomas and Manuel Thomas it was published by Auroville Social Research Centre. From the Auroville side, Harini was part of the research team since 2006 and was joined by Guy in mid-2012. A research publication on Auroville's economy, the book investigates: Auroville's economic principles as envisaged by the Mother; Auroville's economic history over the first 40 years; Issues of work and maintenance for Aurovilians; Work and employment opportunities for neighbouring villages; Auroville's economic activities through 17 case interviews; Performance of Auroville's commercial and service sectors; Central Fund and its "carrying capacity"; Auroville's sustainability as a model for durable socio-economic development. The project was financially supported by Stichting de Zaaier. '

Comments: 0 Date: 02 Oct 2013

Aurocard discussion

In the Unity Pavillion, the new multi purpose hall, the members of Auroville International have come together to discuss the Aurocard plan. Akash and Marco sketch a detailed picture of the Aurocard to the AVI members. The plan is as you know already in use, but not optimally. In this meeting, the unresolved difficulties around the card are discussed in detail. Every aspect regarding the Aurocard from technical details to the reactions of the guest houses are part of the discussion.

Comments: 0 Date: 10 Feb 2012

Soutien pour la Radio

Roland et Renu font le point sur la collecte de fonds - à ce jour plus de la moitié du montant a été versé- C'est un sentiment merveilleux que celui de nous voir soutenu de tous les coins de la planète ainsi que par notre communauté ici à Auroville- Nous avons dix jours de plus à pour atteindre notre objectif. Les fonds ainsi recueillis couvriront l'ensemble des charges annuelles de la radio tout en nous permettant de travailler sur notre projet de création du Media Lab d'Auroville. www.aurovilleradio/donations Merci a Vania pour le jingle de la radio.

Comments: 0 Date: 19 Sep 2014

The joy of giving

21st of february, important day in Auroville's life, FoodLink takes a gift economy's aspect to celebrate this day. Based on the joy of giving, food shopping is an exchange. Farmers bring their productions, vegetable, fruits, milk ........ and people pay the price that they can afford. A different way to estimate value of goods, in a typically Aurovilian way of living. This happened in "Pour Tous " next to solar kitchen, finishing at 3 pm.


Comments: 0 Date: 21 Feb 2013

Fear, Faith and Finance with Otto

Otto in a rambling conversation on finance based on his experience of working in Auroville's Financial Service for over 20 years, shares insights of its history, the functions of its groups and the resistances faced in attempting new approaches that encourage fraternity when dealing with money, as it triggers deep rooted psychological fears and insecurities, that challenges our faith due to the habits and traditions attached to this force which are continually reinforced by its links as a primary tool of exchange with the outside world.

The interview explains the functions of the Financial Service, Unity Fund, HRT (Human Resource Team), BCC (Budget Coordination Committee), FAMC (Funds and Assets Management Committee of Auroville

Comments: 0 Date: 11 Jun 2014

UnLtd Tamil Nadu

UnLtd Tamil Nadu is a local social entrepreneurship initiative started by Gijs Spoor. It helps 10 to 20 high impact start-ups a year with coaching and seed funding. This is acrross all sectors incl. health, waste, food, education, energy, crafts, livelihoods,etc. They offer training, coauching, Access to mentors, peerlearning platforms and follow-up investors. They will join a rapidly growing community of changemakers incubated in the UnLtd style of founder focused personal and professional development.

Comments: 1 Date: 15 Feb 2013