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14 Mar / 2015Program by:
Featured: AnandiLanguage: English

PTDC – Collective Experiment

Pour Tous Distribution Center celebrates today 9th birthday; place is decorated by many flowers, cakes are on any corner and open doors to new storage space at the back in shape of two containers generously donated by member of the community inviting us in …. Anandi shares with us grateful thoughts on that collective experiment which was established nine years back with aim to provide for basic needs to members of the community. From 156 members in the start, now the family of PTDC counts almost 1500 members who obtain their daily  food and some household items there. Team of almost 20 service us with joy and love.



  • Hussein Mithaiwala

    Hello Humans 🙂
    I feel this is a great initiative to serve others on a daily basis and fulfill ones basic needs. We come to know about each person’s requirements through this channel. This way we know also the direction and mind set of the collective as the clock keeps ticking. This place can show mathematically the growth economically, socially and personally of the souls living there permanently.
    So I look forward to offering my services here during my one week stay in January 2016.
    Hope I will be accepted as a servicemen.
    Warm Regards,