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31 Oct / 2018Program by:
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We Need Arts… develop our brain, says Sue Jennings

Invited by Teacher’s Centre Sue Jennings is conducting a workshop on the Neuro Dramatic Play this week at Unity Pavilion with 24 teachers and therapists, and 12 children of Auroville.
Early development of child is very crucial, and if it disrupted by drama or abuse it will be stopped, the healthy attachment of first 2 years will not occur. As Sue claims theme of attachments seems to be challenged by lack of nurturing environment which leads to many difficulties, raise of technology causing brain damages, education is focused more on performing at tests not on learning to understand, and arts are severely cut back.
As she says , every individual does develop a personal rhythm, which would be disrupted if abuse or trauma occurs, and Neuro Dramatic Play can re-establish the personal rhythm.
While walking on her life path of research as anthropologist, and therapist Sue has found group of indigenous peoples, the Temiars, known as the most peaceful people in the world, and whose main ethos is generosity.

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