Photographer:Jorren | The small exhibition Photographer:Jorren | Kids and the info posters Photographer:Jorren | Mind it! One of the wallpaintings Photographer:Jorren | Just before the drawing competition Photographer:Jorren | The kids and the wallpainting Photographer:Jorren | Ribhu and Niranjan
05 Mar / 2012Program by:

EcoPro's awareness campaign

The anti-waste organization from Auroville has been promoting responsible waste management for two years in Periyamudaliarchavadi (PMC), one of the small villages around Auroville. Last March 3rd, Niranjan Kumar and Ribhu Vohra held an exhibition for the local children, displaying the causes and effects of pollution through pictures and posters. Through this, they hope that the kids start to encourage their parents to treat waste more carefully. EcoPro also tries to increase awareness by painting walls with anti-litter messages.

After the exhibition, the kids participated in a drawing competition. In this program, Ribhu runs through the pictures displayed at the exhibition.