Photographer:Bodhi Art Room | Emergence return to their place of origin Photographer:Bodhi Art Room | Bassist Mishko M'ba's 'History of Jazz Bass' of the previous evening is also available on AurovilleRadio Photographer:Bodhi Art Room | Lead singer Krishna Mackenzie Photographer:Bodhi Art Room | Violinist and singer Karthik Iyer Photographer:Bodhi Art Room | Solitude Farm volunteers served a traditional Indian Thali to accompany the concert Photographer:Bodhi Art Room | Drummer Soundar Rajan
02 Feb / 2015Program by:
Featured: EmergenceLanguage: English

Emergence at Solitude Farm

Auroville’s own Emergence plays at the place of its genesis, Solitude Farm.
Led by Krishna Mackenzie, and featuring Bassist Mishko M’ba, Percussionist Soundar Rajan and Karthik Iyer as Violinist and backing vocalist, the band played songs from their existing discography and some new, unreleased material.
The band’s sound is a spellbinding fusion of classical Indian and Western Rock and Blues styles.