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29 Oct / 2011Program by:
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From EM to Brazil

Today’s news features three different topics connected with Auroville, Brazil and a movie. First we have the steps on how to use EM (Effective Microorganism) in agriculture. For 2012 an international event will happen in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to discuss sustainability, poverty and development. Is the Rio + 20, organized by the UN to continue with the discussions started at the Eco 92, also in Rio. And a documentary that is live changing: Waste Land, that shows the life of waste pickers in Brazil and how can art change their life.

This erring race of human beings dreams always of perfecting their environment by the machinery of government and society; but it is only by the perfection of the soul within that the outer environment can be perfected. What thou art within, that outside thee thou shalt enjoy; no machinery can rescue thee from the law of thy being.Sri Aurobindo