Photographer:Andrea | The Auroville Cyclone Relief & Rehabilitation Team Photographer:Andrea | Hemant
06 Jan / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Fundraising after Cyclone

Hemant is part of the Auroville Cyclone Relief & Rehabilitation Team. In this interview he’s sharing the last few days of work of the many groups involved in the relief and rehabilitation. In the coming days the electricity will be restored in the center of Auroville but in other places it will take 4 weeks since the TNB personal is busy in other places. The main electrical work is done by Aurovilians.The positive aspect of the cyclone’s event is the fact that many persons came together to help each other. Many guest also joined in this effort.

Regarding the schools most probably the opening will be postponed since much work has to be done. The fund raising is also happening at different levels.