Photographer:Frida | The Potluck took place in Dreamers Cafe Photographer:Frida | Heather and Katen were searching for a place for years Photographer:Frida | Maggie just finished her Newcomer Period Photographer:Frida | Sathya is farmer, artist and Newcomer Photographer:Frida | Jatadhaari faced Aurovilles challenges to develop himself Photographer:Frida | There was a big variety of international food
11 Feb / 2016Program by:
Featured: Entry teamLanguage: English

Future, who are you?

Actually, 125 people are passing their newcomer process to become future Aurovillans. Newcomer Potlucks are a smart way to get in touch with this next generation of the international township, and also for them to know other residents.
To the latest Potluck, there also went lots of aspirants planning their newcomer period, so we found a wide range of guests. We spoke with some of them about their life situation, about their start in Auroville and about their visions, as well as with the Entry Service staff who invited to the gathering.