Photographer:Andrea | Eric in preparations for the Gb and IAC meeting Photographer:Andrea | Pala's flower arrangement
05 Apr / 2012Program by:
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GB and IAC annual meeting

For next few days members of Governing board and International Advisory Council members are having an annual meeting, and in today’s news we feature interview Andrea made with Eric, one of the members of Working Committee. Today is the Gathering of Residents at Kalbhumi at 5pm, all residents warmly invited. Bboys, Mohanam Sound Crew and Auroville Institute of Applied Technology students perform today at 5.30pm at Ghandi Statue, at 8.30pm at Aurodhan Gallery in Pondicherry. On Saturday HIBISCUS ART VILLAGE present s MAGICK MAPS by Miron Mihei

Let Thy glory be proclaimed, and sanctify life; let it transform men’s hearts, and Thy Peace reign on earth.The Mother
The general management of the affairs of the Foundation is vested in the Governing Board. Its task is to promote the ideals of Auroville, to review and approve basic policies and programmes, to secure the proper management of all properties, to prepare the master plan and co-ordinate fundraising. Most of these functions are executed in consultation with the Residents’ Assembly.
The International Advisory Council of the Auroville Foundation consists of not more than five members, nominated by the UNESCO unit of the HRD Ministry of the Government of India from persons who in its opinion are devoted to the ideals of human unity, peace and progress. The members of the International Advisory Council meet once a year in Auroville.
The powers of the International Advisory Council are advisory only. When giving advice to the Governing Board, the Councilendeavours to ensure that the ideals for which Auroville has been established are encouraged, and that the residents of Auroville are allowed the freedom to grow and develop activities and institutions which further the aspirations and programmes envisaged in the Charter of Auroville.