Photographer:Gino | Laya asks Robert's opinion on the highway issue Photographer:Gino | Alya interviews Manoj from Photographer:Gino | Jesse thinks the community should get together on this topic Photographer:Gino | Alya with Tejaswini from the Town Develpment Council Photographer:Gino | Robert, a teacher of TLC, and three students asking opinion from residents of Auroville Photographer:Gino | Pia interviewing a Newcomer Photographer:Gino | Partha from the Highway Task Force interviewed by Laya
27 Jul / 2018Program by:
Featured: TLC studentsLanguage: English

Highway through Auroville

Three students of The Learning Community, a school of Auroville, are concerned about a proposed highway cutting through Auroville’s greenbelt. They decided to make a radio topic and interviewed several residents in Auroville’s Town Hall. Some do not know the details of the issue, some are worried and others feel that action is needed, as such a highway would threaten Auroville’s existence.



  • Pradyut Kumar Ghosh

    Auroville should lay circular railroad covering the entire city to run toy trains driven by solar energy with a capacity to carry at least 30 passengers. Highway through Auroville is not a descent proposal for many reasons including environment and law & order.

  • My visit to Auroville and the ashram many years ago to have darshan with Mother Mira was a pique experience in my life. Any highway proposal that would compromise the bucolic setting of this world significant place would be just wrong. This is a world treasure and should be enhanced, not compromised, by future projects.