Photographer: | Auroson
11 Oct / 2006Program by:
Language: Humor

Improbable Aurovilians episode 6

This week’s’episode of the ‘Improbable Aurovilians’ covers the Revolution Del la kids who issue an edict against meetings, and mayhem breaks loose. Will the giant Teacup be smashed to bits or will peace be established?! Follow the quixotic adventures of Etoile, Charles, and Madam Flaflasky. Guest Stars: Isa as kid one, Amara as kid two, Milla as kid three, Roshan as kid four, Daniel as Italian. The usual cast: Norman as Charles, Paul as Etoile and Yeti, Auroson as Blade and Meetingman, Krishna as M. Flaflatsky, and the Busker Jesse as Luno.
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