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Integrated Communication & IT Infrastructure

This is a brief summary of the open presentation and discussion arranged by L’avenir on 29th January 2010 at the Town Hall. The goals of ICITI is to build a scalable ICT platform by 2012 in Auroville for+ Better connectivity at lower cost, enabling closer’ collaboration and more effective governance+ Reduce carbon foot print” – Eliminate or reduce energy used for ‘need-less’ travel” – Eliminate or reduce use of paper” – Use low power/ power efficient technologies+ Reduce Electromagnetic pollution+ Usher in ‘Knowledge Society”+ Extend it to the bio-regionThe consensus at the end of the meeting was that ICITI is technically feasible and financially viable and its realization would be beneficial. For its realization, ICITI needs Government approvals, funds and Community support in the aspiration, goodwill and a helping hand, wherever possible..In READ MORE part 2 & 3.

Current Status
+ Technical Report is endorsed by external experts as well as Marc Gihishi.
+ A potential System Integration partner has validated the approach and financials.
+ A general report is under preparation.
+ Social aspects are under study.
+ Plans are afoot for approaching Government approval
+ Strategies for fund raising are being considered.