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Interlude in the Bed

First original piece of recently graduated students of Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Pondicherry ‘Interlude in the Bed’ inspired gathered numerous crowd at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium on past Wednesday 20th of June.
Students boldly experiment in various media combining music with visual effects of light and design with contemporary dance. As a highly collaborative and overlapped performance the group was creating and performing an unique piece , where they dared to explore and experiment. And along with audience they travel into a dream land, transporting to mysterious and joyous regions, where light accentuates focal points of the dream, either be distant past reflection or a dream of future, or maybe a dream of other planes of existence.
Contemporary multimedia experience offered by Vinay Khare (light and visual design), Choreography and dance Priyanka, Surya, Pooja, Dibya, Anwesha
with full support of Bharat Nivas Team – Tapas, Suresh, Joy, Mahi, Narayan, Dyuman, Bhavyo….and others

Vinay Kahare new media artist among others wrote
 Fascinated by the marriage between seemingly divorced fields of technology and art, and looking to explore their integration in divergent directions and converging media, my work revolves around light, sound, people, and the ways of their