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Jazzy African Market

It’s no secret that the distant roots of American jazz lay in Africa. But how did Afro-America’s revolutionary sound reshape African music? We are looking at how African artists found a modern, global voice using jazz as inspiration. What is the story of Abdullah Ibrahim, whose prolific career was launched with Duke Ellington Presents the Dollar Brand How are the West Africa’s musicians attracted to American big-band music?.How the American tradition sculpted the sounds of such luminaries as Mulatu Astatke and Fela Kuti? And how the Congo rhumba traveled over the ocean, and came back to shape musicians such as Franco and TPOK Jazz, … and where the blues came from, and return to?

Thione Seck – Diaga
Djelimady Tounkara – Mansa
Lobi Traore – Anunka Ben
Lobi Traore – Banan Ni
Youlou Mabiala – Loufoulakari
Abdel Aziz El Mubarak – Ahla Eyyoun
Black Santiagos – Benin afro beat
ya Congo de Joseph Kabasele
Franco TPOK Jazz – Toyeba Yo
Mombasa – Massai
Abyei Jazz – Arop Nyok Kuol
The Drive – South African Jazz Groove
Almon Memela – South African groove
Mulatu Astatke – Yegele Tezeta (My own memory)
Hailu Mergia – Yikirta Lemminalehu
Abdullah Ibrahim – African Market
Fela Kuti – Let’s Start