Photographer:Kristen | Jivatman performing with Devi and Joy Photographer:Kristen | Jivatman singing his own lyrics Photographer:Kristen | Hand-shaken rhythm Photographer:Kristen | Flowers set the stage Photographer:Kristen | Jivatman singing with classical guitar
27 Apr / 2013Program by:
Featured: JivatmanLanguage: English

Jivatman at Pitanga

Longtime Aurovilian Jivatman performed a concert of his songs on voice and guitar, accompanied by Devi and Joy on hand percussion. Jivatman sings about the simple joys of living in a beautiful place in English, Portuguese and French. Hear his intimate concert held in Pitanga last week. From one of Jivatman’s songs: “With the wind blowing, you keep always flowing. When the sun arrives, your joy is bright. And when night falls, darkening the skies, follow your guiding star that never dies.”


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