Photographer:Manohar | Christmas Lights  at Unity Pavilion Photographer:Manohar | Christmas village (donated by Fif and Hamsih) Photographer:radio archive | stars Photographer:radio archive | cutting stars Photographer:Manohar | Christmas stars Photographer:Manohar | celebrating Christmas at Unity Pavilion in one of the past years Photographer:Manohar | Christmas village (donated by Fif and Hamsih)
20 Dec / 2017Program by:
Featured: JayaLanguage: English

Joy for Christmas, Ukrainian Christmas

From Unity Pavilion comes a warm invitation to celebrate, as per tradition, Christmas with them on Monday 25th of December from 2.30pm onward.
Jaya with smile on here face talks about Christmas joy, love ….. light; , and they are trying to bring that warm spirit, along with Generosity to those celebrations at Unity Pavilion, where even up to 700 people gather on that day, to be together, to cut the starts, to share some food,…. dance.

At the same time they invite us on another Christmas – on 6th of January 2018, where they would celebrate the Abundance. That evening, prepared by some members from Ukraine, and others will be a journey to the country through music, film, and beautiful dinner.
For this one you need to book your dinner ahead at Unity Pavilion.