Photographer:Lina | Elena, and Uma, describing five shirts for Shirting Photographer:Lina | Elena launch Shiriting in Auroville Photographer:Lina | Elena, Conscious Fashion Hub students, and Uma on Shirting Photographer:Lina | Lucius on hang drum and Alfonso dancing Photographer:Lina | music by Lucius, dancing Alfonso
19 Mar / 2018Program by:
Featured: UmaLanguage: English

Launching Shirting at Conscious Fashion Festival at Upasana

Elena, a professor of design in Ljubljana, Slovenija launched yesterday afternoon SHIRTING at Upasana’s Consicous Fashion Festival. Upasana donated four women’s and one men’s shirt to be part of Shirting – shirts to share. Uma described all five shirts, which will be worn by different people, each in the span of two or three weeks, and then pass on to the next user. With this act they would like to change our attitude to possession, and to the fashion, whereby only wealthy people can afford brand designs. With Shirting and Conscious Fashion Hub(started last year) they are exploring the new language, where the fashion (and design) becomes part of every day life intimately, it becomes something to celebrate together.

Event was supported with soft music by Lucius playing on hang drum, and Alfonso shared his dance.

Lucius Harvey is an American musician that specializes in playing handpan (hang drum), percussion and flute.