Photographer:Roland  | L`aura
24 Sep / 2014Program by:
Language: English

L`aura & the restorative circles

Exploring “justice” in Auroville, and how we can respond to conflict and so-called unacceptable behaviour in ways that hold all sides of the story and support moving forward as an entire community. At present, we don’t really have a “justice system” – meaning agreements for how we respond to conflict, agreements on what is/isn’t acceptable, and how we hold each other accountable when something painful happens… We’re hoping to start dialoguing more and more on these subjects…


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  • Naveen Kapur

    very, very difficult question! If there was a Guru like the Mother, it would have been simpler. I guess there has to be a ‘Ministry’ of justice….3 Aurovilians who have stayed in AV since 10 years or so, who would tackle difficult cases. They should have a 2-year tenure and new members appointed thereafter