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Lawns or Vegetable Gardens?

Featured is Krishna of Solitude Farm with the concept of replacing lawns and ornamental landscapes with gardens and orchards to provide food, as the question of our food security cannot be left to big farms alone nor planning groups to decide. Auroville’s 2nd Triathlon takes place 11 September, get ready! There will be two categories: contact mike AT or sourya.sercomanens AT Why play Bridge? It stimulates both the sides of the brain. Introduction to Bridge: amaresh.deshpande AT

The obstinate pertinacity with which we cling to our meagre, fragmentary, night-besieged and grief-besieged individual existence even while the unbroken bliss of our univeral life calls to us, is one of the most amazing of Gods mysteries….it is only equalled by the infinite blindness with which we cast a shadow of our ego over the whole world and call that the universal being. These two darknesses are the very essence and potency of Maya…- Sri Aurobindo, Thoughts and Aphorisms number 538